About Us

The Company

Electric Vehicle Options, LLC is dedicated to bringing electric work vehicles and renewable energy equipment to government organizations, municipalities, universities, hotels & resorts and private businesses.

The E-Ride, low speed, street legal electric utility truck offers a custom built platform in a flat-bed pick up or a four door mini truck that can be built to fit the needs of your job. Whether you need to carry people, lawn mowers, mail or tools, E-Ride Industries will build a truck for you.

Zenith Motors utilizes 2014 Dodge Van equipment to manufacture both a cargo van and a passenger transporter with up to a 90 mile range at highway speeds.

EVO also represents Brattain International Trucks, dealers for TransTech electric school bus vehicles.  EVO will work with you to incorporate renewable energy such as grid-tie solar vehicle charging stations and solar street lights. We can also help reduce your electric costs or provide backup power systems, reduce or remove the PEAK charges from your electric bills with equipment too.

The Management

The Management team was formed over ten years ago at Sol-West Energy Fair in John Day, Oregon. The Team has a long history of products delivered on time with cost effective solutions.

Skip Gosser had worked for many years in the communications industry with as many as 50 staff bringing critical corporate telecommunications worldwide systems on line and managing networks for Fortune 500 companies, where failure was not an option. He owns commercial property in Reno and is partners in the largest towing company in town where he became interested in EVs. Skip had “retired” to the Salem, Oregon area where he has a small ranch, an organic soils business and was involved in various innovative green products.

John Cogar had been a real estate broker for over 25 years running a successful brokerage with up to about ten employees in Lake County in SE Oregon. Later Cogar was a licensed DMV Dealer and an Oregon General Contractor with two manufactured home dealerships that sold, delivered and set up thousands of homes. John also built subdivision properties and “retired” into restoring buildings Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as managing his real estate holdings.

John was an early adopter of Electric Vehicle technology purchasing an electric pickup built by Lane County Road Department in Eugene, Oregon. John kept it for about five years, using it in his rental business.

John and Skip looked at the advanced technologies being applied in modern EVs, saw the benifits for electric work vehicles and coined the phase “ESERVE” (Electric Service Vehicle). We then found the E-Ride utility vehicles made in Minnesota and visited the factory in the spring of 2013. It has taken off from there and:
Electric Vehicle Options, LLC was born.

Skip at World Trade Center